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  • Welcome to The Red Sea
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Welcome to The Red Sea

The Red Sea is a pioneering luxury regenerative tourism destination situated on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. One of the world’s last true hidden treasures, The Red Sea is surrounded by the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system and spans over 28,000-square-kilometer with an archipelago of more than 90 untouched island, dormant volcanos, sweeping desert dunes, mountain canyons and historical and cultural sites.
The Red Sea will be ready to welcome the first guests in 2023.

Globally accessible

The Red Sea is 500km north of Jeddah, between the Saudi towns of AlWajh and Umluj. With its own dedicated Red Sea International Airport (RSI), The Red Sea will be easily accessible to visitors from around the world. And at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, 250 million people will be within three hours flying time.
Globally accessible


flying time for 250 million people


flying time from Western Europe


flying time from East Asia


flying time from North America

The most beautiful destination

The Red Sea is a year-round destination with a temperate climate, averaging a perfect 32 degrees Celsius that will enable you to discover the wealth of unspoiled beaches and secret sandbars scattered amongst the fringes of the islands as well as the majestic mountains and sweeping dunes.

Discover the untouched islands, where world-class resorts meld effortlessly with unspoiled nature.

Discover mountain ranges, dormant volcanoes and sweeping deserts.

Discover a wealth of memorable experiences that will stay with you forever.

Discover one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, home to dolphins, turtles and thriving coral.

Discover one of the world’s last hidden treasures, rich in culture and steeped in history.


Discover experiences you’ve never had before

Our landscapes are as varied as they are breathtaking, The Red Sea is a crossroad of land and sea where the rich history of exploration and wonder is lived as much as it is made. A cultural backdrop of natural simplicity providing enriching escapes with boutique twist, served up as a smorgasbord of adventure and exploration: secret spots, hidden gems, and unforgettable moments.


• Marine life diving • Coral Ranching
• Heritage Diving


• Dive • Above and Below Water Adventure • Crystal Kayak • Volcano Experience • Wild Adventure & Discovery


• Sailing • Natural Power Sports


• Fireside Dinner • Red Sea to Table
• Remote Island Picnic • Sunset Fire

Culture & Heritage

• Live performances and shows
• Stargazing • Storytelling and folklore
• Cultural Expeditions

Flora & Fauna

• Bird Watching • Mangrove restoration

Regenerative Tourism

The Red Sea is committed to going beyond sustainability to have a regenerative impact on not only the environment, but society, local people and the economy, too.

Developing just 22 of the islands to avoid disturbing critical habitats

Having 9 islands designated as special conservation zones

Capping visitors at 1 million per year by 2030 in line with our sustainability ambitions

Banning single-use plastics once fully operational

Powered by 100% renewable energy with no connection to national grid

Zero carbon footprint

A uniquely diverse destination

In 2024, The Red Sea will be ready to welcome 300,000 guests in line with the completion of 16 hotels with 3,000 rooms across five islands and two inland sites. By 2030, The Red Sea is expected host one million visitor each year.

Islands Developed

Inland Sites



Residential Properties

International Airport

hospitality brands


Getting here

A: The Red Sea is situated on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. The destination is within a three-hour flight reaching 250 million people and an eight-hour flight reaching 80% of the world population.
A: The Red Sea is a pioneering luxury regenerative tourism destination that aims to offer indulgent experiences, seamlessly customized to the unique needs of each visitor.
A: The destination is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, 250 million people will be within three hours flying time.
In 2023 The Red Sea International Airport will be opened and is planned to serve estimated one million tourists per year by 2030 and a peak of 900 passengers per hour.
A: The Red Sea will provide visitors with electric sustainable vehicles inside the destination. Seaplanes, boats and helicopters will be used to transport visitors from the airport to the resorts. Visitors will also be able to rent yachts to cruise around the islands.
A: All properties at The Red Sea will be 5-stars luxury properties.
A: With year-round sunshine, sparkly beaches, fascinating mountains and desert, spectacular wildlife, and activities to suit all interests, The Red Sea is a great family destination that offers a variety of activities fit for all age groups. It surely has lot to offer when it comes to family experiences.

An amazing experience

What makes The Red Sea stand out from other destinations is its diverse topography, range of physical and cultural experiences, world-class resorts, and commitment to improving the environmental, social, and economic conditions of this remote area of Saudi Arabia.

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